Saturday, 3 November 2012

Mujhe Hai Hukam e Azaan

It was month of Ramadan at the peak of summers (August). People had to migrate in the name of Allah with the love of Rasool Allah Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him; holding the energetic words “Pakistan ka matlab kia…La illaha illal la”. They migrated because they wanted to listen Prayer Call (Azaan), they left their agricultural lands just because they wanted to pray collectively (in Jamaat), and they wanted to celebrate Eid ul Azha with its spirit. That’s all about those crazy souls who left their homes, belongings, lands and gardens just to get the fragrance of Islamic Society – The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Pakistan, a terrorist state filled with corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, violence. Almost every possible combination of corrupt leadership is there in the history of Pakistan. Enemies with floods of anger and oceans of hatred are there with their worst propaganda to eradicate it. People are not ready to discuss and talk about the love of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the way of life presented by him PBUH as a great source of inspiration for all; is not accepted by most. One (Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri) who stand by with the love of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and put his life on stake just for the name and respect of our beloved Habib e Khuda S.A.W.W is there in prison. A pious and intellectual soul (Dr Aafia Siddiqui) is there handed over to worst enemies of Islam and is in prison with the worst condition Muslim women can think of. Is this the land people migrated for? Pakistan ka tu Khuda he Hafiz hai (Allah Subhan na ho Wa Ta’alah is the Protector of Pakistan). 

Shikwae zulmat e shab sy tu kahen behter tha
Apny hissay ki koi shama jalaty jaty
(Instead of complaining about the darkness of night, it’s better to play your part by lightening your own very candle)

Exploring web for checking out Hafiz Saeed’s offer for American Sandy Victims, I came across By agreeing with almost all of the recent posts, I started reading more about PKKH and it reminded me the hadees (Message from Rasool Allah PBUH) I read some years back that Muslims are like bricks of the wall supporting one another in good cause.

In this time of media pollution, every wise Pakistani has to play his or her part in exploring the content about the issues like that of Osama drama in Abottabad, Malala drama and then have to seek the truth by cross questioning own heart. Digging deep the beneficiaries of the dramas; and co-relating the timings of the yearly plays. So I am here to invite all to our roots Quran and Sunnat e Nabvi PBUH. Inviting all to play their best part; in this media war time. Seeking hard the truth; by praying to Allah SWT and then sharing the truth and making people understand it. It’s no doubt a noble cause, cause of Prophets to take on the job of inviting people to success, truth, peace and surrendering to the Will of Allah SWT.

Mujhe hai hukam e Azaan’ la illaha illal la
(I am ordered to call for success’ there is no lord but Allah)
Call For Prayer - Azaan
May Allah SWT help us all to understand and accept the truth and give us all the power to stand by truth till our last breath. Aameen

Monday, 24 October 2011

Eid ul Azha- Allah's Order

By no means shall you attain Al-Birr (piety, righteousness, etc., it means here Allah's Reward, i.e. Paradise), unless you spend (in Allah's Cause) of that which you love; and whatever of good you spend, Allah knows it well.(3:92)
Haj e Bait Ullah
Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S) was an old man having an only young boy Harzat Ismael (A.S). He receives Allah's order in his dream to slaughter his boy for the will of Allah. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S), Hazrat Hajra and Hazrat Ismael (A.S) happily accept the Command of Allah.

Ye Faiezan e Nazar tha k maktab ki karamat thi
Sikhaey kis ny Ismael(A.S) ko aadab e farzandi

Shaitan is their all the way to whisper in order to create hinderance for the purpose. Beauty of belief in Allah's Order, having Faith in Allah's Order, Submitting oneself to Allah and Surrender infront of Allah's Command are the components of Islam.

Lessons to be learned;
For Old People, Hazrat Ibrahim's (A.S) Faith is the example of submitting everything; every will in the way of Allah.
For Females, Eman of Hazrat Hajira is there as a true live example of accepting Allah's Order.
For Youth, Hazrat Ismael's (A.S) surrender infront of Allah Almighty, All Wise, All Merciful-is reminding that for those having faith no pain, no lose is meaningful in the way of Allah Subhan na ho wa ta'alah. 

"Say, verily my prayer, my (service of sacrifice), my life and death are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.(162:6)"

Thursday, 20 October 2011

My dear friends

Afshan Saleem:
Deep Sunrise
Anam Saeed:
sun rays
  • Friends help to make you fly when your wings get tired.
  • Life is too hard to live, its not like the way we think it is...  (very true)

Anbreen Kauser:
Always Helpfull

Asma Shaheen:
Blessed with humbleness
Arifa Adalat:

Candle light in darkness
Faiza Ajmal:

daryay kunhar
Faiza, Me and Daryae Kunhar: Our Everlasting Memories
Faiza Akhtar:
Bachelors Thesis tough time and Faiza's Guidance
Fiza Khalid: 
Together we were at GIKI-TOPI
Halima Sadia:
Sirat e Mustaqeem

Hina Nizami:

Fresh Flower

Iqra Javed:
Simply awesome

Madiha Akhtar:
Madiha and Youth Club: Ofcourse a plot in jannat ul firdos
Mashal Ahmad:

Cool Water
  • Good people are always tested in life more than bad ones.
Mubeen Iqbal:
Mubeen, Me and Snowfall in Murree
Sitary jo chamakty hain kisi ki chashmain e hairaan main
mulaqatain jo hoti hain jamal e abr e baran main
ye na abaad waqtun main
dil e nashad main hogi
muhabbat ab nhi hogi
ye kuch din baad main hogi
guzar jain gay jab ye din
ye in ki yaad main ho gi
Muneeba Ishaq:
colors of life
Simple with all colors of life
 Naheeda Parveen:
Full of Devotion and Hardwork

Naveen Ahmad:
Synonym of Cooperation and Coordination

Nosheen Sajida:
Garden of Love
  • One should recite fourth kalma in market. (Hadees e Nabvi peace be upon him)
  • While giving to beggars, don't try to judge that they deserve it or not just think do you deserve the blessings you are enjoying
Sadaf Umbreen:
Childhood Fights Memories :)

Sadia Aslam:

Dew drop: A diamond
  • Allah Almighty's love and hidayat is offered only to those who seek it.
  • Its obligatory to accept every wise invitation and Allah invites us towards Quran.
  • Dive Deep to get the pearls
Safia Nawaz:
My childhood memories

Sameen Javed:
Peaceful Path
  • If we will not solve our problems ourselves,then who will come to solve them out.
  • One should not claim(daa'va)
  • Whenever i find someone successful, i search for the quality he/she has that lead to this success.
Sehrish Asghar:
Soothing like clouds
Shakeela Naz:
Peaceful Life
Yusra Kanwal:
full of life

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Teachers our soul guiders

Sometimes pondering upon the facts, that give me a position of software engineer in society, that give me the art of conveying my point of view in front of even strangers and that give me the motivational power for struggling the best in life, i failed to find out the reasons. I knew that my Allah Almighty is alhamdullilah too helpful to me, my family is too cooperative and my friends are too caring but even then there was some other reason i didn't know at that time.
In 5th semester of bachelors of SE, once a teacher said that "The relationship between the teacher and student is awesome". GOT IT!!! its much about my respectable and worthy teachers that i am holding a respectable position in society and am satisfied with my life alhamdullilah. I come across hundreds of teachers in my journey from prep to MS. Some of my teachers are no more with us physically but will always be there as a warrior of light for their soldiers.

Sir ZakaUllah(Late), PAF Inter College Mianwali

In 1997, my father got transferred from Kamra to Mianwali base. At that time i was in 4th grade of my schooling. Sir Zaka was urdu teacher of 4th C (my class).
Teachers know their kids very well, sir wanted me to participate on national days functions and after 1 month of my 4th class at Mianwali he raised me as a PREFECT of the class. And then from time to time, his special attention groomed me confidently. On feb,1999 we were in our class early in the morning when we heard that he died in an accident in the way to school. I remember the whole path, i traveled with my 4 fellows on foot towards his residence. That was the first dead body i ever seen in my life. Death of sir zaka make me even more respectable towards my teachers because i have had a fear of losing them. May his soul rest in peace.(amen)

Ma'am Sarwat Hashmi (Late) , Fazaia Inter College Chaklala

For the very first time in my life, i heard the word bold for me by Ma'am Sarwat Hashmi. She was a great lady. The time i spent in her class was indeed the best time of that day. She taught me urdu in 8th grade of schooling. I remember the day when she had nominated me for a prefect position and i will always be very thankful to her for her kind considerations. May Allah Almighty raise her rank as she raised mine. (amen)
kia din thy jb khidmat-e-ustaad k awz
g chahta tha hadya e dil paish kijiay

Sir Zaman (Late) , Fazaia Inter College Chaklala

Our respectable old Sir Zaman taught us Pakistan Studies in 8th class. We were always non serious while taking his class. I salute his patience, he knew the stupidities we were continuously doing in the class but he used to ignore it and continued delivering lecture. I heard of his death last year and felt really sorry. May his soul rest in peace. (amen)
Mout sy kis ki dastgari hai
Aaj un ki, kal hmari bhi tu bari hai

Sir Arfeen, Fazaia Inter College Chaklala

It was a raining day of winter season and was too cold outside so i weared scarf when getting ready for school. One of our teacher was absent that day and no arranged teacher was there to control the class. At that time, i was monitor of the class and was controlling the class while writing the names of culprits on the green-board. About 10 minutes before the end of class, Sir Arfeen arrived and was surprised to see the pin-drop silence in the class. Then he appreciated me as a good class monitor and advised me to keep the scarf always with me. I remember, from that day onwards, i never forget to cover my head with scarf while going outside. Thank you sir for guiding me in that age of picking things immediately. I have deep respect for sir as he used to highlight me in every meeting of prefects. He has vast general knowledge.